George Clooney’s passport lights up

Thursday, 28 January 2010 16:28 Michal Kotyk
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The traditional face of Nespresso, American movie star George Clooney, together with animated lighting ELON Posters™ were the pillars of Austrian Nespresso New Year’s show. Vienna CityLight Posters hosted a massive campaign in the second half of December 2009.


Two different pieces of artwork based on George’s passport and V.I.P. pass were creatively animated to attract the most attention. The lighting up of a cup of coffee followed by the appearance of George Clooney’s photo accompanies the slogan “Nespresso. What else?” As this project is Nespresso’s second EL campaign in 2009, after the spring launch for Citiz in April, and as it has brought Nespresso some excellent results, we at Promotheum are also asking “Nespresso. What else in 2010?”






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