Re-ac-table reacTable…clever huh?

Wednesday, 31 March 2010 00:03 Kelly Panayi

The scene: you’re in a club off your face, suddenly the music has a new meaning, you are dancing through the tribal beats, and then it hits you if you could be a dj/ make music your life would be complete. Well dreams do come true - enter the reacTable!
This table of treats is totally interactive. Apart from looking like a kind of futuristic trippy scene from, ‘ Alice in Wonderland,’ this table makes tunes as you move the various pieces around the table, kind of like a game of chess, except not. A group of guys created it, their message: ‘ focus(ing) on the Promotion of creativity and the mediation of culture.’ They describe the reacTable as, ‘a novel musical instrument, ‘and are all about, ‘applying the latest technologies in human computer interaction, music technology, graphics and computer vision.’ Does this mean that we are one step away from a lawnmower man dj? Will there be a being/ human interactive computer sending us out tunes as we dance our night/days away? Who knows.
One thing is for sure, the reacTable is what Viagra is to old people. Having witnessed it first hand it is a total babe/ boy magnet. This instrument can elevate you to the status of demi god/dess…time to get one.

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