LCD screens in washing machine

Thursday, 01 April 2010 17:23 administrator





I think that we should support the idea of decreasing the toxic waste produced by our human living. This is how one of producers of eco friendly detergents presents their products.


This short video is not of the best ones I have taken in my life - it is more of a "run and shoot" type of picture. Taken during "Biostyl" fair in Prague. My girlfriend was amazed by promoted products, while giving me a short time to shoot this video.

The idea is pretty simple - the left washing machine is stuffed by traditional detergents, thus the internal display shows the pictures of doom on Earth. The right one is the opposite - used with natural substances and full of life...

Straight-forward idea, easy to produce, strong "Aha" moment... Thumbs up for this POS and the eco products as well.


Questi impulsi, a loro volta, provocano un maggiore afflusso prezzo priligy in farmacia di sangue all’interno dei corpi cavernosi del pene.