Battlefield in the streets

Thursday, 28 January 2010 13:17 administrator
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Brussel, Belgium - Electronic games are representing a massively growing category of entertainment. And we are sure, that promotion of games is going to be one of those most creative and innovative in the close future.

I can't help myself, Battlefield Bad Company 2 brings me back to my college years. Although fighting with 14 y.o. teenagers might look somehow immature, this is for sure one of the winning entertainment models for the future.

As games generally involve consumers more actively than movies, we hope that advertising computer (and console, of course) games might change the whole advertising industry at least a bit. More interaction and thinking, less watching and gaining weight in front of TV screen.



This video was shot during street promotion of the newest action hit Battlefield Bad Company 2 by DICE. We admire, how something digital is presentet in a real world. Simple idea, great result!

p.s. meet me in the sworms of war online, my nick is motordtr :-)

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