Richard Kirk at the KTN Plastic Electronics Meeting and Workshop

Thursday, 01 April 2010 12:03 Richard Kirk

Richard Kirk, CEO, Polyphotonix, speaking at the KTN Plastic Electronics Meeting and Workshop

 Creative Industries KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network)
The Creative Industries KTN is the UK's National Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network.

The Creative Industries KTN stimulates and encourages innovation in the creative industries, helping people to realise the potential of the creative industries to motivate lasting change.

We put innovation into context within the current structure for change in the creative industries. We engage with all sectors across the creative industries to ensure a landscape perspective of communities and their potential for innovation.

We provide secure platforms for innovation by signposting access to funding and other resources you might need.

The Creative Industries KTN presents a broad range of opportunities for innovators within the creative industries. We organise Creative Industries-KTN-led events showcasing the best of technology and innovation in the sector, as well as supporting other creative industries events.

We strive to create a space in which like-minded people can communicate and collaborate. We bring together leading thinkers and practitioners from the UK and beyond, to share the latest technology insights and find ways to maximise their potential within the creative industries.

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