EL Printing Academy opens new term in September 2011!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010 09:15 Pavel Beneš



Electroluminescence (EL) is one of the most skill demanding disciplines in the modern printed electronics industry. ELON Technologies has developed EL manufacturing over a 6 year period of pioneering research designed to achieve the best practical results in the advertising and media field.

 ELON's unique EL printing technology has been recently upgraded through the use of quality swedish drivers system, known for its top-of-the-line electronics. The result of this union approaches ELON Technologies’ ultimate goal, the perfect EL poster. Working with the top US and EU electroluminescent ink providers, electro-technical engineers and chemical specialists, we have developed a great product with a reputation and an overall technical proficiency beyond anything currently available on the market.

ELON's animated lighting poster has been used with unparalleled results for such international brands such as Coca Cola, T-Mobile, Ford, Nespresso, Vodafone, Absolut as well as many others. The technology is now ready for a major rollout to the printing market as a innovative production program, ideal for completing the product portfolio of screen printing houses, as well as giving new options to electro-technical engineers and supplying additional knowledge to companies involved in printed electronics.


After first term in summer 2010 ended with success see Novelty, Ltd passed ELON's Summer EL Camp with highest ambitions for Russian Market we were asked by printing companies to continue and we opened the second seminar in June 2011. See the video from June 2011 and recommendations from our participants from Peru, Poland and Argentina.

Now we open new term in September 2011 again!

The next seminar and workshop will be held in Prague, Czech Republic and starts on the 12th of Sep, 2011. The seminar and workshop lasts for 1 week (from Mon 12th to Sun 18th) and is oriented towards company management and sales managers. The participants will learn about the theory of EL, spheres of application and sales channels. The workshop is focused on printing techniques and will cover practical training for technical managers, screen printing and EL specialists.

Please note, we can accept only a limited number of participants (10 companies per term) in order to provide the optimal training environment from both the theoretical and practical side.

Learn how to print a paper-thin, animated lighting poster at the first seminar and workshop:


"How to manufacture an Electroluminescent poster"


The course will be lead by Technical Director of ELON Technologies, Mr. Milan CahaMilan has been at the forefront of EL development since the late 70's. His main responsibilities at ELON Technologies include production management, patenting and R&D. And Mr. Nick Bainton - ex Tech Director of Elumin8 UK (2000-2008).


Both, the seminar and workshop will be attended by Mr. Richard Kirk, CEO of Polyphotonix. Richard's former company Elumin8 pioneered the use of large area EL and has many world first to there credit. Richard Kirk at the KTN Plastic Electronics Meeting and Workshop video

The seminar and workshop will be also attended by specialists from the leading EL ink manufacturers, as well as by capacities from Czech and UK Universities.

Ing. Vitezslav Jerabek, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Dpt. of Microelectronics, CZ

Dr.Eifion Jewell, Welsh Centre of Printing and Coating, Swansea University, UK

Mrs. Sandra Kumorowski, Marketing Strategist & Assistant Professor of Marketing Communications at Columbia College, Chicago, USA


All participants receive the following EL printing information and materials:

- Detailed information of the history and principles of EL

- Formulations of EL inks including a list of manufacturers

- EL lamp construction and composition of layers

- Artwork tuition with all methods of EL fine-tuning

- Large size EL composition

- Lamination, finishing and testing procedures

- Electrical driver modules and programming

- Business advice, various EL technology applications and development trends

- More than 9 days covering all practical examples and training in various techniques

- A complete summary in one brochure, the “ELON Poster™ CookBook”

- An "EL Expert Certificate" which certifies that the holder possesses the knowledge and practical skills necessary to profit from the patented technology transfer.

- How to profit from Technology Transfer when applying for funding from EU structural funds

The price of the seminar is 6.250 EUR. The seminar and workshop are designed for screen printing companies, electro-technical universities and other industry experts. The price covers 1-2 persons per company or institution. The price does not include travel costs or accommodation. Accommodation can be arranged by ELON Technologies on request.

The special price 5.000 EUR including the accomodation is provided to all FESPA Members! Please apply individually.

Apart from an excellent opportunity to learn all about Electroluminescent printing, the seminar package includes the complete starting kit from main supplier of electroluminescent powders (GTP) and the "ELON Poster™ CookBook" sold separately for 1.900 EUR. 

The seminar is supported by FESPA a federation of global screen printing and digital printing trade associations. The seminar and workshop will be also attended by specialists from the leading EL ink and pigment manufacturers.

Please download the application form September 2011 and program schedule September 2011.

For additional informations please contact Mr. Pavel Benes at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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