ELON Posters price drop up to 50 %. ...The best EL prices ever! Be ready for Xmas campaigns 2013 NOW!

Monday, 22 August 2011 13:20 Michal Kotyk
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Due to the better materials and suppliers condition ELON technologies announces the most significant price drop in the company history. This is coming in the most suitable time of the year, right before the christmas season. Profit from this unique occasion and plan ELON Posters for your upcomming projects.


ELON Posters price drop up to 50 %

Download your pricelists for A4–A0 formats here and for CLP formats here.

Be ready for Xmas campaigns 2013 NOW!

It is right time now to apply ELON Posters into your outdoor camnpaigns! ELON Poster ™ is the shining star between all technologies for ambient media. It is very effective animated lighting device which gives to the standard static artwork another 2 dimensions. The movement and the light well performed in the period when the days are shorter. The lighting effect becomes much more visible, attracting the attention of passers-by for longer time then in summer months. ELON Posters are looked at. Not only seen!  . 


ELON Technologies, the leading world manufacturer of electroluminescent posters for advertising purposes, based in Prague (Czech Republic) is entering his 7th autumn/winter outdoor adverting season. ELON Posters traditionaly took regular place in most innovative campaings of the international brands such as Absolut, Rauch, O2, Strongbow, Coca Cola, Milka, Nivea, Pilsner Urquell, Ford, Burger King, Iglo, Raiffeisen Bank, A1, Nespresso, T-Mobile, Jakobs Krönung, Orange, Vodafone, Adidas and many others,.especialy in autumn and winter months.

Lets have a Christmas campaigns on ELON Posters!


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