EL Safety Application

Wednesday, 18 January 2012 17:21 Michal Kotyk
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Electroluminescence Safety application – Case study:

ELON Technologies & EFL Tech Leighton Poitrel Mine, QLD Australia, October 2011

"EL Safety Signs" are the ideal solution in numerous environmental conditions where visibility is paramount to safe operations. The EL Safety Signs are extremely visible in any application without the need for direct light source such as reflective tapes require.

EL Safety Signs are vibration and impact resistant. Damage proof even when the EL is pierced or torn.

Cool to the touch and highly flexible the dynamics nature of this technology replaces all traditional signage in any application where visibility is an issue.


Leighton Feedback

"The EL Panels are very bright and what is surprising is their high visibility even on dusk and in a storm situation.

We are very pleased with the result this early in the trial."


Jason O'Brien

Safety Superintendent Leighton Contractors – Poitrel


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