Guitars, Piano, Decks and Heart - Coca Cola Music serie

Thursday, 23 January 2014 21:59 Pavel Beneš
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The very unique concept of P.O.S. materials has been created on musical motives. Coca Cola delivered a serie of 4 different artworks nicely fitting to electroluminescent technology. The black background combined with white and red animated parts perfectly show the ability of ELON Posters for interior usage.


ELON Posters has been used for support of Coca Cola sales within many restaurants and bars in Central and Eastern Europe in 2008.

Our team shooted on first video the original Guitars poster in the music club "Konec Koncu" in Prague in December 2013!!! After 5 years of everyday work from installation without any single need for replacement or repair. On second video you can clearly see flexibility of the poster, which is only 1mm thick ! It allows you not only to hang it on the wall, but also think about many other possibilities of its display. The poster can be to some extent adjusted individually to your interior! 



You can also play with several varieties of the main motive - such as here, where you can find guitars, piano, decks and heart on top of the same bottle.


Coke Musical Decks.gifCoke Musical Guitars.gif

Coke Musical Heart.gifCoke Musical Piano.gif


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