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Electroluminescence (EL) is one of the most skill demanding disciplines in the modern printed electronics industry. ELON Technologies has developed EL manufacturing over a 9 year period of pioneering research designed to achieve the best practical results in the advertising and media field.

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Thursday, 25 February 2010 17:31 Howard Matthews

 QL4 QuarterLites are low energy lights using four high brightness Light Emitting Diodes. They fit on to the back of the sign box and light is emitted sideways through 360° diffusing off the sides and back of the box to produce an even illumination on the front face. The LEDs are mounted on a flexible PCB with a circuit shunt and connector and are thermally bonded to the aluminium heat sink to keep the light cool.

QL4 QuarterLite:

  • High performance lighting
  • Save 65% of energy
  • Life expectancy 50,000 + hours
  • Maintenance free
  • Reduces C02 and carbon emissions
  • No bulb or tube disposal costs
  • Easy to retro-fit into existing signs




The QL4 QuarterLites are used for lighting internal and external advertising signs, company names and billboard signs.


They are suitable for use in:

Fascia signs, Direction signs, 6-Sheet Adverts, Flex-face signs, Menu signs, Circular signs, Illuminated letters


Exclusive representation for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Austria:

ELON Technologies

Gallery: click to open QuarterLites installation in London

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Thursday, 25 February 2010 17:31 Howard Matthews


LightningROD is a new LED lighting solution for 6-sheet, 4-sheet and poster adverts in single sided, double sided and scrolling signs. LightningROD kits are a very low energy solution and easy to into install in new and retro-fit into existing signs.

10 Advantages of LightningROD

  • Low cost LED solution
  • Saves 60%+ of the energy used by fluorescent tubes
  • Easy to install in new signs or retro-fit in existing signs
  • Even light distribution over the whole sign
  • No hot spots or shadows
  • Long life expectancy, over 50,000 hours
  • Low maintenance
  • White LED light, 6000K for accurate poster colours
  • Suitable for 6-sheet, 4-sheet and poster signs
  • Single sided, double sided and scrolling signs

Energy saving

LightningROD uses 92 watts of power compared to 256 watts for a 4 tube 58w fluorescent sign. LightningROD offers saving of over 60% compared to fluorescent tubes and a pay back of less than 15 months.

Each LightningROD kit consists of 2 rods and a driver. Each ROD is attached using fixings at the top and bottom to either side of the sign case. Cables from one end of each ROD connect to the driver. Installation takes less than 10 minutes per sign.

IP rating
LightningROD is a sealed aluminium extrusion with a clear polycarbonate lens and is waterproof to IP67. Fluorescent tubes have no waterproofing.

LightingROD has been tested for illuminance levels across the face of the sign. The centre of the sign averages 165+ cd/M2 (Candelas per metre squared). This exceeds the 100-120 cd/m2 required by most major outdoor media companies. Illuminance levels are shown on the right.


Brightness      11,200 Lm per sign
LED colour      6000K Bright white
Input voltage    110 - 240v, 50-60Hz
Output voltage 12 VDC, 92w
Rod                 Aluminium
Lens               Clear polycarbonate (98% light transmission)
End caps        White ABS plastic
IP rating          IP67
Cable              1M twin cable
Packaging       Recyclable 2 M cardboard tube
Weight            5.0 Kg
Working life     Over 50,000 hours in use
Guarantee       2 years


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Thursday, 25 February 2010 17:06 Pavel Beneš

Electroluminescent (EL) devices are actually 1 mm flat lamps. They emit light, but they are unlike any traditional lamp. EL relies on phosphorescent materials which glow when exposed to a small electrical current.
Electroluminescent technologies have low power consumption compared to competing lighting technologies, such as neon or fluorescent lamps. This, together with the thinness of the material, has made EL technology valuable to the advertising industry. Relevant advertising applications include electroluminescent billboards and signs. EL manufacturers are able to control precisely which areas of an electroluminescent sheet illuminate, and when. This has given advertisers the ability to create more dynamic advertising which is still compatible with traditional advertising spaces.
Animated or flashing displays require a driver to operate. A driver is simply an inverter connected to an IC chip which is then connected to several different EL sheets, panels, tapes or decals. As different lamps are illuminated, they produce an animated effect.
Application in advertising:
- Modern Alternative Media
- Out of Home Networks
- Indoor P.O.S. Networks
- Public Transport
- P.O.S. Materials
- Shop windows decoration
- BTL applications
- Design and architecture
- Events realisations, concert stages

EU manufacturer:

ELON Technologies, Prague, Czech Republic




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Lenticular technology

Thursday, 25 February 2010 15:09 administrator










Lenticular printing is a technology, which combines traditional printing on both paper and plastic surfaces with a lenticular layer on the top. Final lenticular print means therefore a 2 part sandwich structure object.


The technology is used to alter the image with one of the basic effects:

3D depth effect which allows to display multiple layers and create and illusion of depth.

Often used for:

Chips jumping out of the box

Coke splashing from the can

Beer bottle in front of other objects



Animation, also called Flip. The poster contains even completely different visuals, that flip due to change of view angle.

The creativity is the only limit for this kind of effect. Although the visuals could be different, often only a part of them change, rendering the illusion of something moving in the poster.



Lenticular technology’s origins are on 40s of the last century, but only the raw power of computers is allowing the technology to find it’s place in marketing and design. The size of final product is limited only to the size of lens layer. The basic sizes allow creation of small stickers, six sheets and billboards as well.


EU manufacturer:

Matrix Media, Prague, Czech Republic


click to open


Lenticular printing
Lenticular lens




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