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LightningROD is a new LED lighting solution for 6-sheet, 4-sheet and poster adverts in single sided, double sided and scrolling signs. LightningROD kits are a very low energy solution and easy to into install in new and retro-fit into existing signs.

10 Advantages of LightningROD

  • Low cost LED solution
  • Saves 60%+ of the energy used by fluorescent tubes
  • Easy to install in new signs or retro-fit in existing signs
  • Even light distribution over the whole sign
  • No hot spots or shadows
  • Long life expectancy, over 50,000 hours
  • Low maintenance
  • White LED light, 6000K for accurate poster colours
  • Suitable for 6-sheet, 4-sheet and poster signs
  • Single sided, double sided and scrolling signs

Energy saving

LightningROD uses 92 watts of power compared to 256 watts for a 4 tube 58w fluorescent sign. LightningROD offers saving of over 60% compared to fluorescent tubes and a pay back of less than 15 months.

Each LightningROD kit consists of 2 rods and a driver. Each ROD is attached using fixings at the top and bottom to either side of the sign case. Cables from one end of each ROD connect to the driver. Installation takes less than 10 minutes per sign.

IP rating
LightningROD is a sealed aluminium extrusion with a clear polycarbonate lens and is waterproof to IP67. Fluorescent tubes have no waterproofing.

LightingROD has been tested for illuminance levels across the face of the sign. The centre of the sign averages 165+ cd/M2 (Candelas per metre squared). This exceeds the 100-120 cd/m2 required by most major outdoor media companies. Illuminance levels are shown on the right.


Brightness      11,200 Lm per sign
LED colour      6000K Bright white
Input voltage    110 - 240v, 50-60Hz
Output voltage 12 VDC, 92w
Rod                 Aluminium
Lens               Clear polycarbonate (98% light transmission)
End caps        White ABS plastic
IP rating          IP67
Cable              1M twin cable
Packaging       Recyclable 2 M cardboard tube
Weight            5.0 Kg
Working life     Over 50,000 hours in use
Guarantee       2 years


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