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Lenticular printing is a technology, which combines traditional printing on both paper and plastic surfaces with a lenticular layer on the top. Final lenticular print means therefore a 2 part sandwich structure object.


The technology is used to alter the image with one of the basic effects:

3D depth effect which allows to display multiple layers and create and illusion of depth.

Often used for:

Chips jumping out of the box

Coke splashing from the can

Beer bottle in front of other objects



Animation, also called Flip. The poster contains even completely different visuals, that flip due to change of view angle.

The creativity is the only limit for this kind of effect. Although the visuals could be different, often only a part of them change, rendering the illusion of something moving in the poster.



Lenticular technology’s origins are on 40s of the last century, but only the raw power of computers is allowing the technology to find it’s place in marketing and design. The size of final product is limited only to the size of lens layer. The basic sizes allow creation of small stickers, six sheets and billboards as well.


EU manufacturer:

Matrix Media, Prague, Czech Republic


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Lenticular printing
Lenticular lens




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