Ultraflat Batteries

SoftBattery® will change many industries


The SoftBattery® printed battery is a thin, flexible and eco-designed power source for applications like RFID tags, microsensors, transdermal pharmaceutical and cosmetic patches, functional packaging, etc.


Enfucell has developed an all-printed power source, which is flexible and thin primary battery made of low cost industrial environmentally friendly materials. The chemistry of SoftBattery® is based on zinc and manganese dioxide, and zinc chloride as an electrolyte. Enfucell owns the technology for the battery and its manufacturing.

The power source is manufactured in reel-to-reel form for easy adaptation into industrial production lines and easy integration into various applications. The technology enables a wide range of sizes from 1 cm2 to 100 cm2 and various shapes. SoftBattery® is suitable for low power (< 1 mW) applications, which require flexible and thin properties.

SoftBattery® specifications (PDF)

SoftBattery® discharge curves for Reg 1,5V (PDF)

SoftBattery® environmental & safety information (PDF)

By embedding a thin and flexible SoftBatteryTM with a printed display or sound element, value-added authenticity capability, light and sound can be incorporated direct into package. SoftBattery™ can also be a power source to the next generation smartcards also known as "powered cards". These cards work by integrating a thin and flexible battery into the plastic card (like credit cards or security cards). These cards may include one-time pass code authentication possibilities or identification codes.

In summary SoftBattery provides a suitable power source for e.g.:

  • functional package
  • greeting card
  • authentication of package
  • powered cards

EU manufacturer:

Enfucell Oy Ltd, Vantaa, Finland


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