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 You might already be a member of some other marketing social networks or sites. We offer the same opportunity. We are enthusiasts in communication, marketing and sales, and are registered with all the popular sites. But, you are probably asking yourself, how can joining another community bring any additional advantages?

Because we are pragmatic, and although we are huge fans of internet and social networking stuff, we know that we all walk along the sidewalk everyday. We go shopping, go bowling, eat in restaurants, and have a beer, just like everybody else. And we care about how brands are displayed on the streets, what you see and maybe even what you don’t see.
Our mission is to make a very special connection, a reliable connection between marketing people and the people who develop and sell new advertising technologies.
A lot of marketing, advertising and even sales people are often challenged to bring something new to the table, beyond to the so-called traditional six sheet ad campaign. We know the horror of searching for, contacting and negotiating with partners just a few hours before a deadline. You don’t have to worry anymore. 
Become a member. It’s free. It’ll help you, your sales and your clients. You’re going to have the advantage that comes from holding a pair Jokers.

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