M1 Lounge. The biggest EL equalizer in central Europe

Wednesday, 03 February 2010 10:26 Leo Mass
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Construction of an electroluminescent wall (5x3m) in M1, a popular music club in Prague’s city center at the beginning of 2008. The wall is illuminated in the shape of a giant equalizer synchronized with the music being played.

When Jonathan David Bass, one of America’s most talented magicians, first entered Prague’s well known music club M1, the decision to buy this popular place in the historical heart of the city was made very quickly. After headlining at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Illusionist Jonathan David Bass has made Prague his home for the last seven years.
Together with making the M1 Lounge his headquarters, he had the idea to completely redesign the premises through the use of the newest lighting technologies.
Just as Jonathan’s onstage presentation is truly unique and original, the club’s decoration and lighting equipment are genuinely magical as well. All the tables are equipped with LCD displays beneath waterproof glass. They display the recent club program, special effects synchronized to the music be played, cuts from Jonathan’s magical show and a lot of other interesting content, all of which adds to the ultra cool atmosphere. The Tables are also equipped with a small “RESERVED” sign which is from a 1 mm thin EL lamp. The sign is connected to 12V current and is operated by the bartenders with a key.
The Club’s Big Mirror Equalizer as well as all orientation and direction signs were constructed from similar revolutionarily thin lighting sources. 
The Equalizer itself is a 2.5 x 5 meters large panel installed on the main club wall. It consists of two independent equalizers of 4 rows by 4 columns in the shape of rectangles. Within each light blue rectangle is a smaller purple one. The final effect is that the EL rectangles are covered with a semi-see-through mirror. The mirror has effect of making the club seem twice as large as it actually is, thanks to the mirroring effect. The lighting equalizer works from light coming through the mirror (from somewhere in the middle of the club). The equalizer lights in two modes – light blue runs from the bottom to the top and purple from the top down.
The M1 lounge is also equipped with lighting signage for toilets, cloak room and a private “Black room” by ELON Posters which are simply installed on the walls to be exposed. Their real beauty is their 1 mm thickness. These totally flat lighting devices underline the complex magical atmosphere. The club also has delicious cocktails.

You really don’t want to miss it!

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