3D Video Teleconferencing System

Thursday, 25 February 2010 13:38 Gerard Fannon
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Gene Rodenberry and George Lucas have a lot to answer for. Star Trek and Star Wars have not only destroyed the minds of millions by encouraging unhealthy obsessions with Wookies and Patrick Stewart, but has also left scientists and engineers chasing rainbows for the last 30 years trying to emulate their fantastical technologies of the future. 


The ICT Graphics Lab at the University of California has come pretty close though, with their new Holographic 3D Teleconferencing System. They’ve been consistently churning out interactive virtual media since 1999 with heavy backing from the US military, and now they’ve come up with something that will hopefully, eventually, make Skype a thing of the recent past. Who wants to talk to a computer screen, when they can talk to an eerie translucent head?

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