New Years Eve for Coke with animated Fireworks

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 15:01 Misa Domanek


Berlin, Dec 2014 - The biggest campaign ever on ELON Posters took place over the New Years Eve in all major cities across Germany. More than 200 posters were installed in Wall/Decaux bus shelters with  electroluminescent filigree zones simulating the fireworks.


There was no similar animation effect used before by ELON Technologies or neither by any other EL manufacturer as known. Coke Polar Bear job is very specific on the number of dimming zones. There is 10 separated dimming zones on both fireworks. 6 on right one and 4 on the left. There are also 7 zones called on/off on the line coming from bottom to the left firework. The zones selection is very filigree with regards to the electroluminescent technology possibilities. On this specific artwork there are only 2-3 mm lines and there is about 2.000 of them to be connected is correct groups (zones) for smooth animation. The fireworks are printed in two separated layers and those are overlapping each other in the middle of the poster. The technique calls "double UV layer" has been used to isolate each firework from another to avoid unwanted parts to be lighting together.


The poster itself profits from the backlighting by neon tubes on all parts which are static (logo, headline, bears). It is equipped by the gradient foil on the bottom backround to achieve the glare of snow and dark sky in a night while having day colors of the sky during the day. For this we have used the masking and unmasking technique where the black print or sticker is on backside of the poster to let only selected parts of the poster to be backlighted. This is called Day/Night effect.


Coca-Cola feiert den Silvesterabend mit den Polarbären, welche wie alle an diesem Abend auf das Feuerwerk schauen. Als Teil eines großen CLP-Flights wurden ca. 120 Electro-Luminescence-Plakate (EL-Plakate) an ausgewählten Standorten Deutschland als besonderes Highlight umgesetzt. Das animierte Feuerwerk erzielte hohe Aufmerksamkeit, Passanten hielten im hektischen Stadttrubel inne und ließen sich verzaubern. Eine komplexe Produktionstechnik ermöglicht die filigrane Animation. Jede Rakete wurde einzeln geschaltet - eine Umsetzung, welche in dieser Art noch nicht umgesetzt worden war. In Handarbeit wurden sechs verschiedene Frequenzen programmiert, so dass der Lichteffekt des Feuerwerks jederzeit variierte. Zusätzlich begeisterte die Animation durch einen Tag-Nacht Effekt – tagsüber wirkte der Himmel im Motiv blau, nachts schwarz für optimalen Kontrast.

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